Wednesday, October 2, 2013

a little glass love...

I got to play for an afternoon at Gallery 138.
Cindy and Barb trust me enough to let me go at it. 

Remember this post?
Here is the result. Still has to be made into the final product.
A bit o happiness! And they sound purdy too!
I must have passed the test. They also let my kids come and play.
 Of course they loved it! It's crafting on a whole new level. 
They enjoyed cutting the glass and designing their sun catchers.

Oh, you want a show and tell? Well okay then...
Here's mine.
mine. googley eyed owl ( I have some new ideas for this)
Whadda think? It' was a lovely afternoon.
 I was a little leary of Neve's sparkly overload.. but look..
I think she's a natural!

Thanks Cindy and Barb!
Stop by the Gallery and see what the big kids are making. 
They have some new stuff. So exciting.
I love this town and the opportunities my kids and I have!


  1. Wow! So cool! You DO live in a fun town!

  2. i love Neves flower with the pink dots on the corners! So wonderful.
    I predict a beautiful glittering Xmas tree this year.