Tuesday, May 27, 2014

little birdies

I had an order for some finger puppets

2 little Black birds, sitting on a fence, 
Once named Gordie, one named Vince
Fly away Gordie, Fly away Vince.
Come back Gordie, Come back Vince.

I know the names are incorrect, but that's what came to mind at the moment.
 It's been a few years since I've used this one in class.

5 little ducks went out to play,
over the hills and far away.
Mother duck said, "quack, quack, quack, quack."
But only 4 little ducks came back.
 This is the mother. 
She sacres me.
I need to make a new mother. STAT.
I gave her eyelashes and a bigger beak to make it look like she was older. 
Those pink french knots, meant to be a pearl necklace.
Nope, don't work. 
I think the new one will have a little bit of lace for a collar.
That is... if the coloured wings don't look like a collar already.


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