Sunday, May 25, 2014

favourites of the moment

Well Hello!!!
May is almost over! how did that happen?
So much has happened, that I can't put it all in here. But here's an abridged version.
Much driving, passing of a dear aunt- trip to Newfoundland, back and forthing to Halifax, friends from Toronto visiting us, different friends from Toronto visiting Halifax, working at the brewery, birthday and Victoria day Weekend, a visit from Prince Charles and Camilla, sock knitting,
arrival and putting together of furniture from Ikea!!!!
whew. Notice something is missing? 
No crafting! Blah.
Maybe I can do something about that this week. Who knows?

Anyhow.. here are a few of my favourite things at the moment:

Birdhouse built by my very talented uncle. Built for me. :}
Makes me happy.
 Early seasonal flowers that fit well into my mini vase collection.
 My new on the counter egg holder. Purple!
New shoes for me, from me. Happy Birthday to me. Orange!

The peach tree I got for last year's Mother's Day has finally been planted by our visiting guests.
Blossoms. Maybe there will be some peaches??!
 Last evening, the mosquitoes weren't out yet. We let the chickens out before dusk to wander around. 
Then they happily go back in the coop for the night.
I loved turning around and seeing the warm glow from the lights inside the house. 
I often don't get to see the yard from this view. 
But my plans for the back grounds ( maybe next year) will make this a common view.
 And another of my favourite things is this one. Hoola hooping with her curls. Growing up too fast.
I have a few more posts in my head and pictures at the ready. 
Maybe I'll visit a few more times before May is over.
Have a good one,

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