Thursday, January 16, 2014


Gloomy day out there for January.

I thought I'd give a little update on a few things happing around here.
But first, I must show you this stocking I made as a custom order.
I love it. It's made from boiled wool, aka, wool coat.
As you may have read, this is a tourist town that has many societies to promote this. 
The United Empire Loyalist flag is very prevalent around here.
There may be a few more of these in the future.

And my darling new slippers!
Lovely and thick. Custom made for me. Ordered by my husband. Even better!
You may remember my first pair of felted slippers from here
They've met a dreadful fate. I've worn holes in the heels. I tried to needle fet them, but it needs a bit more. My plan is to buy a suede skirt and make soles for them to patch it up. Well worth it I'm sure.

 This one I actually requested and followed up on weekly to ensure it's arrival.
 Looking forward to sitting and making a few of these.
 Maybe after finishing these. (But I do have a blue pair I want to knit up)

This happened this week! 10!! TEN!!
I had planned our first ever house party with a few friends. Got snowshoes from the Rec. and Parks dept, planned snow games and then it rained! The whole day! 7 degrees C.
But they had fun playing hide and seek and some other games. 
Rafael was so thankful and happy that there was nothing planned. 
Sometimes, we over schedule our kids. It's nice to let things happen naturally.

And looking at the colour of that wall above, I'm gearing up to paint the main floor.

Better to do something. I've been procrastinating in the making department.
I have this pile to contend with before I can make anything!

There is a pair of leather gloves for DH in there. Lost since Christmas.
There may also be a small child! :}

Have a good one!

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  1. That frog on the front of the book is so cute!
    Glad that Rafael's party went well, but darn about the snowshoeing :) i wanted to hear about it, lol.
    And those slippers are lovely! H knows you well. Once again, I wish that I lived closer and could hand you over some suede :)