Monday, January 27, 2014

a little colour

It's been a very rainy day. Yes, rain. In January. 
It has melted most of the snow we got dumped with last week. Crazy weather.
It was most enjoyable to find these bursts of colour on my camera today.

A lily on it's first bloom with us. This plant has been dormant for some time. It came from a bulb of my late Grandmother's lily. All the children and grandchildren got one. Now I have one too!

The cardinals have been visiting the bird feeder by the kitchen window. 
 A good opportunity to get better close ups.
 This bird is a poser.
 A black capped chickadee
 And the woodpecker. Haven't seen him around this winter.
 And the biggest colour boost of all...
New kitchen wall colour!
Taking advantage of my visiting uncle and a boy home from school with allergies. 
 He was so efficient, I may have to keep him home tomorrow to help paint the dining room!

Have a good one,

1 comment:

  1. You have warmth??? It is still about minus 100 here. OK, I exaggerate. It is -25. And minus 100 with the windchill :) I am FREEZING.
    I love that wall colour!!! My kitchen was supposed to be that colour but ended up sage green by accident. Oh we'll, next time ( actually, it is due...)