Tuesday, April 28, 2015

rope rope rope

Sorry, I do have more to show you, but I was so excited to show you this, that I must do it now.
 This is not a pure cotton rope, it is polyester and cotton. 
With a foam core. The foam squishes and flattens when you sew it. 
It seems the rope is a little smaller in size also, although it says it is the same thickness. 
And it is half the price of the pure cotton rope, which I can't find.
(Anyone have a lead on cotton rope?)
I think I will make more of these though.
So many variations to try.

I thought that with the polyester quotient, it would be good to make coasters.
Yes, it would be. More to come. 
And what about that stool in the photo shoot?
We have two of them.
 They were made by my Husband's grandfather. 
I love the paint on it. The other one is clean.
 I toyed with sanding it down on a few occasions,
 but really..
it is distressed honestly, no fakery there.
And in news from the chicken farm:
One of our chickens died yesterday. 
Balky or Brownie, we're not sure which one, 
but the one pictured below is, indeed, the one that has passed.
Passed in her sleep after being slow for a few days.
thanks chicky hoo hoo
we enjoyed your eggs and entertainment.

Brrr, must go sit by that roaring fire in the photo above.
Bring on the spring weather!!


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