Tuesday, December 30, 2014

The week in between

How goes?
It's the week in between Christmas and New Year's. 
I love this week. 
We visit family and come home to enjoy our quiet with new toys and joys all over again.
It's the time of year where my "Mitten making blinders" are off and I can see what state my house is in! Messy!
And now, now I have time to attend to it. See, it waited. Nothing exploded. No need to worry about it.
I started with the upstairs today, 
the kid's room, (not the toy closet, gosh that needs it's own day/week/month).
But the den and the nook. 
When we walk by to get tot he bathroom or the kids room, it's a nice breath of fresh air. ahhhh.

Enough of that, Here's something nice to look at...
A new bird feeder. More like a condo. 
It took awhile for the birds to come. I don't think they're used to the perch idea yet, but come they did.

And I've been knitting. See how big those pegs are? That's because those socks are bitty! For 1 yr olds.
Now that my baby gift requirements are fulfilled, I must make a pair for newborns.
I need to see how bitty they will be. :}
Oh, and that mitten making frenzy?
There were a lot of mittens.
And some more
And more...
And many, many more.

Here is this year's obligatory picture of the tree getting...

And the tree decorating....
The kids decorate it. 
We bring out the boxes and they go to town. 
We choose to put all the hand mades out with a few of the fuzzy balls we got when Rafael was a baby.
It was frosty today. First time in some time to actually feel the cold of winter. 
Christmas day was 14 degrees celcius. Crazy.
I can't wait for the pond to freeze over so we can skate on it. 
As a kid, we used to skate ont he pond behind the mall.
The ice was always different, depending on if it was windy when the water froze, how much snow was on it , if it melted and froze again.
The kids have never skated on a pond before. They are looking forward to it. Me too.

And tomorrow, a new day. 
the beginning of a new year.
I wonder what it will bring to us?
I'm ready.


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  1. What a wonderful Christmas this year, especially Christmas Eve and morning with Nanny Bragg to share the Santa joy with me, then the Bragg relatives began arriving at Jen and Quinton's for dinner and the evening. The noise, laughter, children playing, singing, conversation, the feasting, kissing, hugging.....such a beautiful family, and I am so privileged to be swept along in the joy. Happy New Year, Amanda.