Saturday, December 20, 2014

a little craft fair

Although this craft fair sponsored by the Firehall Ladies Aux. was in November,
 I thought I'd better post it for future reference.
These stocking were fun to make and were scooped up with orders for more.
 And forever... another basket of mittens. I really should take a picture every time I make a batch. 
 This year, I added fingerless mittens. They were also popular.
 And here's a look at my table. I've changed my display up this year. I got rid of the wicker /woven baskets and traded them with the wire/burlap ones. 
I also used some little chalk board signs from Target. 
I streamlined my products to mostly woollen goodies instead of little toy bits. 
 I really do need to get a little sign with my logo for the table.
And here are the last instalment of mittens. 
They are available at the Flying Fox Bake Shop. Well, 2 pairs aren't. Apparently, they've been sold. 
But I don't know which ones. :}
Have a good one! Merry Merry.

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