Wednesday, November 12, 2014

well hello!

Yes, it's been some time.
Ya know, life!
Here's a little tale of life in pictures. 
I haven't been taking many of those either.
Went for a walk on the beach this weekend.
My uncle noticed these crop circles.
 Aren't they interesting? I would have missed those for sure.
 this kind of seaweed reminds me of my youthful days climbing the cliffs and sliding down rocks. 
We lived by the ocean, but in a bit of a protected cove. We would pop the seaweed by stepping on it.
 Just one hour in unseasonable weather realigns moods and spirit.
 hmm, I sang in an Oktoberfest kabaret with the pit band. That was fun. 
As you can see, the angel of saurkraut and pretzels hovered nearby.
 The battery ran out on the electric fence. For many days, the deer and hens got along. 
 We had a bit of a rainstorm. And a flood in the coop area.
 I let them roam all day while the water receded. They have since been relocated.
Oh, they are moulting now. yuck. UGLY. 
 My little nerds on Halloween.
Rafael went off with some friends on his own. He's growing up. Boo
 I was in the mood for some dancing, so we met some friends. At the last minute, I decided to dress up.
 And made hubby dress up in Rafael's costume from last year.
 And these days... I am lost in a sweater mountain and piles of mitten innards and outers.
The accumulation of sweater dust is incredible.
I'll be at the Ingomar Craft sale on Sat. Nov. 15 and at the Shelburne Community hall on Sat. Nov. 22
And in Dec... no place or dates, but I could come to your workplace at lunch with a basket of mittens and other woolen goodies for sale!

Back to the studio.. see you on the other side... of the mountain. I hope.


  1. Lovely to see your faces again! Em went on her own too, didn't like it one bit. Must make friends with new babies as ours are flying the coup.

  2. Please save that warm weather for me for when I come in December (Dec 27-Jan3). It is currently -9 here.
    ALSO: I LOVE those mittens in progress. Very lovely. How about you come to my workplace and sell me some?