Monday, August 11, 2014


Well, where did all that time go? 
I'll show you.
Warning, very heavy photo laden. Short sentences. 
Much has been happening.
This is just what I took pictures of. 
I'm glad I did. 
I forgot I did so much.

Caldo verde soup. Collards and kale from my garden. 
So good, so good for you.
 My boy just got back from a week away at Baddeck Race week. His first week away from home.
He enjoyed it immensely, as seen from this photo. 
He just came back from a capsize and speedy recovery to continue the race.
 He made it to the Gold fleet and came in 6th overall.
Look nanny, he's in a boat all by himself... in that big blue ocean! (wink)
 While big brother was away, Neve and I got to hold some babies,
 Make some mittens. ( choosing a lining. I chose grey)
 We went to Lunenburg and ate ice cream as we wandered.
Ever try to take a selfie with an old android? 
You can't flip the screen, so you don't know what you're getting a picture of... or where the button is!
We had a crafty day with our friend, Martha. Felted soap it was!
a little hamster imitation at the Exhibition.
Imagine my surprise when I turned the corner of my street to see this!
Earlier in the month, we went to Roseway Beach. 
The kids had fun floating down the river. It took 6 minutes to do it. Then they would run back to do it again. I got the most stupid burn on this day!
Beach girl!
We ran into a pirate!!
The chickens have found a new place for a dust bath!
We celebrated 11 years!!

This girl turned 8!! We took all the cake pictures with her new iPod and we don't have her set up to email them to me yet. So the pics are stuck in limbo.

And it's harvest time!!
Beautiful veg!
Turning in to pickles!
And this batch was apple sauce and 2 apple pie fixings in the freezer.
Tonight, a Remax Hot Air Balloon was in town!
Of course, I took a little ride!

So.. you're still here?! 
Had to get it all down for memory sake.
My sister in law and her son are visiting this week. 
I have lots of touristy plans.
This is a beautiful place to share.

Have a good one.

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  1. Oh, that caldo verde soup is fabulous! Thank you!!!! ( and thanks for the fabulous day :)