Monday, August 27, 2012

Welcome to my new home!

Well, with the shift in my new place of residence July Happenings and a new life, I've decided to finally change my blog to it's proper name. If you've been following my crafting since I've started, I started as a paper crafter. Over the years, I drifted to sewing, needle felting, crocheting and other similar stuff.

As such, my blog name of Late Night Stamper, just didn't apply. 3 years ago, I reserved this blog name, By Hook and Thread. It's time to come live here.  I'm leaving the Late Night Stamper  blog up for you to still browse through and hopefully find some inspirations.

So change your  bookmarks and follow me here too... just on the right hand side. Who will be my first follower???? Is it you?

I look forward to sharing more things with you.

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