Friday, March 13, 2015

chickens, owls and who-ville hair

Aahh, A warm day in the middle of snow season. 
Where you can hear everything melting, birds singing and chickens making an awful racket. 
They want to get out and play too.
(oh, did I not say that they don't like to put their delicate feet on the snow? Spoiled chickens.)

So I put some straw down outside the coop area. They were as happy as could be.
 And in kid news: Crazy Hair day was indeed, crazy.
 Can't get enough of these owls.
 I think I will adjust the eyes a bit. This guy does seem extremely sad or worried.
Makes you want to love him more.
 And at the moment, I am working on a decor kind of owl. Denim, shiny thread and metal button eyes.
Our two days of warm weather was delightful. 
Just gets you through enough to gather strength for the snow storm we're expected to get on Sunday.
Hello March Break.
Have a good one.

Owl pattern from here.

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  1. yes, HELLO, March Break!!!! Maybe I'll get an owl made :)